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Monday, May 23, 2011

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My historical novel: THE FLIGHT OF THE SORCERESS is available now as an E book at Wild Child Publishing, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It will be in print shortly. Check it out at Flight of the Sorceress: The Blog .
Also, my short fiction, commentary, news and political ranting can be accessed at A Gauche Press 


New novels by Barry S. Willdorf to be published in print and as E books by Whiskey Creek Press

BURNING QUESTIONS: Someone is burning down all the old resort hotels in Gloucester, MA. Has the son of a town matriarch been killed because he knows who it is? Did he commit suicide by Russian roulette as the town fathers claim?  Or did his girlfriend, Christina Lima, the daughter of a poor Portuguese fisherman have a hand in his death? Nate Lewis is hired to find out, but when he falls in love with Christina they both become lethal targets for powerful interests. (Publication date: August 2011)

A SHOT IN THE ARM: Nate is hired to defend a black militant who is charged with murder after he confronts drug dealers who are flooding San Francisco with potent Asian heroin. When he discovers that the dealers are just the distribution arm of a covert government operation to finance arms dealings with Southeast Asian anti-communist guerrillas his life is in play and only Christina can save him.

THE FOURTH CONSPIRATOR: Soon after Christina takes a job as the PR representative at her cousin’s winery in Mendocino County an inheritance fight begins over its control and Christina is dragged into it. Meanwhile Nate is retained to represent a winery executive charged with killing a thief who is raiding the executive’s marijuana garden. Are the two events connected? It will take more murders to sort this one out.

And they'll have their very own blog! 1970s TRILOGY