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Friday, December 23, 2011

Burning Questions e-book is $3.99!

Heads up! If you want to buy Burning Questions as an e-book and go to the publisher website: Whiskey Creek Press it will tell you that the price is $6.99. We are in the process of changing the price, but alas, the holidays have interceded and the webmaster had drunk his fill of eggnog. It is only $3.99 on the Amazon site so go to Burning Questions Kindle edition.  I'd prefer that you buy directly from the publisher because Amazon takes a 55% cut but I'd rather you get the book sooner than later and I don't want my readers to overpay.

Also, for all you disappointed contestants who didn't win the giveaway that ends on 12/25, I intend to give away 2 more paperback copies on Goodreads in January. There are also two copies up for a January giveaway on LibraryThing.

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